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Cover Up

It’s that time of the year in PNW – Rain! If you’re experiencing rain or other inclement weather, covering up with the protective cover is a sure way to make your furniture last longer. Storing the cushions away during long-term non-use is also recommended. We offer complimentary protective covers with most of our furniture sets so you can enjoy your furniture longer. “After 4 years this set still looks great! The covers for the cushions could be replaced but the furniture looks great even after… Read more

New: Sunbrella Rain

ohana-wicker-furniture- SunbrellaRain

We’re excited to introduce Sunbrella Rain fabric option. Never worry about rain again. Sunbrella Rain is an innovative waterproof fabric engineered specifically for outdoor seating in areas with rainfall. It will shed water and dry quickly with a simple wipedown. Waterproof and UV resistant, it is the ultimate upholstery option for outdoor furniture. Currently available in Sunbrella Antique Beige, Taupe and Jockey Red. Current lead time is 5 weeks. Please contact our customer service for pricing until this option becomes available in dropdown menu.

[Customer Photo] Against Oregon Rain


“The cushions don’t absorb Oregon rain. The water wicks away and they dry quickly. Cushions are super comfortable and seem to wipe clean easily.” – SL Thank you for sharing! Cushions are weather resistant, but not waterproof. It is highly recommended to use the protective cover during non use or in inclement weather to take care of your outdoor furniture.

Replacement Covers & Cushions


Sometimes accidents happen, things get snagged, or your dog eats one (true story). Whatever the situation, replacement cushions and covers can save the day. Cushions and covers are available as a set or individually. To view all replacement or component parts, click here.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Feet

ohana patio furniture stainless steel feet

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, however the surface can experience discoloration by the effects of salt water and/or chlorinated water. This results in small brown spots appearing on its surface (especially in coastal areas). These spots do not affect the strength or integrity of the furniture, but the superficial discoloration can be a distraction. These spots can easily be cleaned and to preserve the finish, we recommend applying anti-corrosion protection 1 to 2 times a year, especially if used near the ocean or pool. CLEANING… Read more

Replacement Cushions & Covers


Many of our customers ask about replacement cushions and covers. It is a great option to have for replacing older covers or to change up the look with a new color. We have them for individual pieces as well. Question: “Where can I get replacement covers? And does it only work with Ohana furniture?” Answer: Yes, our replacement cushions and covers coordinate only with Ohana furniture and can ONLY be used with Ohana furniture/products. For Replacement Covers, click here and for Replacement Cushion and Covers, click here.  Note: Please… Read more

How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Covers


Many customers ask for tips on cleaning the covers. Here is our general cleaning instructions to use as a guide. Please reference and remember NOT to machine dry the covers!

Stainless Steel Care


Stainless steel feet add a touch of luxury to our modern patio furniture sets. Though they’re resistant to corrosion, regular maintenance is required to preserve their finish (especially if you live near the ocean). We recommend cleaning regularly and applying anti-corrosion protection 1 to 2 times a year to keep them shining bright. Click here to download our stainless steel guide.

Static on Wicker Furniture?


We received a question from a customer about static build up on furniture. If you experience static build up on your patio furniture, we suggest trying static guard spray. Spray on a piece of soft cloth and wipe the furniture to prevent static build up. *Do you have any questions? Please email us your questions to or leave a comment. We’ll respond to your inquiry and post it on our blog.  

All About All-Weather Wicker


Have you ever wondered what ‘all-weather wicker’ really was? Today’s post is all about all-weather wicker (Try to say that fast three times!) All-weather wicker is the ideal material for outdoor furniture and is preferred by outdoor furniture makers. The wicker is actually a PE resin wicker, a synthetic material that is durable, extremely hard wearing with excellent UV and mold resistant properties that can withstands the elements. Due to its nature, PE resin wicker is ECO-friendly and fully recyclable. PE resin wicker is much stronger material than… Read more