Ohana 8-Piece Curved Patio Set

“I purchased my Ohana 8-piece curved set 3 years ago or so now. The set has held up wonderful through hot summers, rains, and winters in the South. I leave the set out, uncovered year around. I just recently had to order new cushion fabric in the Sunbrella Rain. The old cushion fabric had gotten slightly weathered, but honestly was still in pretty good shape. It was a new puppy that tore the fabric on three cushions. Ohana was great in getting me the replacement fabric covers. Took just a few weeks. They made one mistake at shipping. They shipped the covers with the foam inserts included. I told them that I had only ordered (and paid for) the fabric covers with no foam replacement because the old foam inserts where still in great shape. They told me to keep them at no cost. So an unexpected bonus. Its very nice working with their customer service. They were prompt to answer. This is the main reason that I ordered the Ohana to begin with, so that I can just purchase new fabric cushions every few years without having to buy brand new patio furniture. It has worked out great! I highly recommend paying the price to get Ohana. It is quality construction, holds up well, and lasts for years outdoors with little or no maintenance, other than new cushions occasionally. I would call their furniture more commercial grade that residential like you buy at the big box stores. I’m kicking back this summer and enjoying what looks like a brand new set of furniture! Thanks Ohana. Well done.” – Rita
Hearing from happy customers make our day. Glad to hear your patio furniture is in great shape after 3 years. Thank you for sharing with us, Rita!

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