[Featured Review] Best patio furniture, best company!!

“Best patio furniture, best company!! I absolutely love my new patio set. It is beautiful, so comfortable. I looked everywhere for a wicker set that had a higher back than most of the sets I saw in catalogs, big box stores and online. I came across the Ohana Wicker Furniture on a website and noticed they did have a tall-back line. The 6” bottom cushions sealed the deal!! Then there was a discount code, and free shipping. The cushions are wonderful. I don’t “sink” into the chairs and don’t feel like I’m getting up from the floor when I stand up. The tall-back is perfect.
The colors – I got the black wicker with Pacific Blue cushions – stunning!! I really appreciate the cover provided. I still stow the cushions when rain is expected because I am not sure the cover is completely waterproof. But as a lightweight cover to keep things clean but easy to uncover, it is perfect, especially if we are having a run of nice weather days.
If you are looking for a deck box to keep the cushions in, be aware that the bottom cushions are 26” square and 6” deep, so it is hard to find a box that will hold them. I do have a tall cabinet that they will fit in, so I’m using that, with a deck box for the smaller back and ottoman cushions.
The ordering and deliver process was good – I would have liked a little more info on the status once I got the tracking number – which did not work for tracking. However, the shipping company did give me notice ahead of time, and arranged a convenient day for delivery. Then a rep from Ohana called me to explain the delivery process and expectations. Delivery was made approximately 5 weeks after my order processed. I am happy to report absolutely no problems with delivery and everything arrived in perfect condition. I was most happy to be getting furniture I did not have to assemble!! We put the furniture right into the yard and sat down! It was that easy!!
Thank you, Ohana!! I have recommended Ohana patio furniture to all of my friends and family.” – Jeanne
We’re happy to hear you’re loving your new patio furniture. Thank you for the glowing review, Jeanne!

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