“… Make sure you have enough room on your deck or patio first is my advice. You’ll get loads of compliments and for the quality and price it really is an amazing deal. My other piece of advice is to look on Ohana’s website as they have their own special offers on there and it may work out the cheaper ordering that way. (they have more selection of mix and match also)… the packing was really well done and the set came on 3 pallets all well strapped with notes to any shipping handlers not to remove anything from the pallets. The seats all come made so you only need to put the cushions on. You’ll have to do the dining table yourself… I left the set out in the rain and thought I could get away with hiding the cushions under the seats but its a no go as the got really wet. To the point where if you squeezed them it would pour water – so it permeated deep into the cushions and they just hold onto water. I paid the extra for the sunbrella covers which might help in a slight trickle but any real rain to soak in. So I brought them in and and after squeezing them all I hung them up in the garage to dry and was scared that the cushion covers was going to get water stained but all is good and you can’t tell that they spent about 3 days soaking wet. NOTE: you’ll need to find a large place to dry out the chaise cushions so that is something to keep in mind they get really heavy when wet to hang drying them is not an option. I put mine in the foot wells of a jetski so let the water drip away. I live just outside of Seattle so it really pours when it rains (hours or even days non stop) so having something that can handle the outside elements was important and I’ll update in a year or two with any rust spots or if the powder coating on the metals have held up. I totally recommend this set if you have the room. I think my deck is pushing the limits of just fitting the set.” – Martin

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