All About All-Weather Wicker


Have you ever wondered what ‘all-weather wicker’ really was? Today’s post is all about all-weather wicker (Try to say that fast three times!)

All-weather wicker is the ideal material for outdoor furniture and is preferred by outdoor furniture makers. The wicker is actually a PE resin wicker, a synthetic material that is durable, extremely hard wearing with excellent UV and mold resistant properties that can withstands the elements. Due to its nature, PE resin wicker is ECO-friendly and fully recyclable.

PE resin wicker is much stronger material than PU & PVC wicker which are lower grade. PVC is weaker and may crack in a couple of years and PU rattan is also not recyclable.

For patio furniture, low maintenance is a big priority. We make our furniture with 100% PE resin wicker which is actually hand woven to ensure each weave is tight and structurally sound. It is also easy to clean with mild detergent and water solution.

If you’re considering outdoor patio furniture, be sure to look for all-weather sets made with PE resin wicker.


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